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Company profile

Beijing yushenglihe technology co., ltd. is located in Beijing and was founded in 2014. Company existing staff of 50 people, is a professional engaged in the development of unmanned aircraft application, design, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises, have years of experience in drone platform research and development and the scale of uav remote sensing image service ability, has the uav remote sensing and the integration of surveying and mapping technology, has the complete data, software, services, business chain; With profound technology accumulation in the fields of remote sensing, surveying and mapping, land and other smart city information construction, some of the technology has been in the leading position in the industry, is one of the most outstanding industrial unmanned aircraft and surveying and mapping industry application combination enterprises in China.

Achievements in the field of uav has the remarkable technology, has developed including conventional pneumatic layout unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), petrol-electric hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), after driving force unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), electric gliding uav, remote control of unmanned aerial vehicles, industrial helicopters and ancillary equipment operation platform, the company successively in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a total of 18 to apply for a patent, all kinds of patent authorized 13, three computer software copyright.

The company's business scope covers uav, mapping, data engineering, smart city, remote sensing engineering, urban planning, agriculture and forestry, etc. The original main business is uav low - altitude remote sensing image services. The long-term customer is the geological survey of China land and resources department and the land resources management departments of various provinces and cities, which has created a new technical application field of uav aerial survey in China, and holds a leading position in the uav aerial survey industry in China.

Beijing yushenglihe science and technology co., LTD is an enterprise specializing in the research and development of aerospace remote sensing and surveying technology and technical services, integrating hardware products, application software and technical services, and committed to basic surveying and mapping and the construction of smart city informatization. Have unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and its payload capacity for independent design, development, manufacture and sale of, the products have been provided in the service of engineering surveying, urban 3 d data acquisition, highway measurement, power measurement, forestry and agricultural census, city planning, city neo-treasure hill measurement, and other areas of the industry, and friendly cooperative relations with the related units, has carried out many technical test and promotion work, has obtained the good effect of the market.

Company product positioning in the intelligent (intelligent measuring equipment), efficient (efficient production plan), reliable, high precision of surveying and mapping results) ", dedicated to solving our country tradition based on remote sensing and mapping technology in the service (such as the large scale topographic map, cadastral map, strip charts, etc.) manpower intensive, the problem of low efficiency, high cost, for wisdom city informatization construction in the process of 3 d information acquisition, processing and application to provide advanced and high quality solutions.

Company always adhere to the "integrity, honesty, responsibility, innovation, win-win" core values and the basic management idea, by focusing on customer needs, continuous innovation, continue to provide customers with more quality products and services, grow together with customers and become the leading brand of remote sensing, mapping technology, finally realizes the "customer satisfaction, corporate development, employee happiness".

Company technical force is abundant, has a large number of long-term commitment to remote sensing and mapping of the construction of the professional talents, and with the computer, GIS and other related parts of the well-known colleges and universities to establish a wide range of university-enterprise cooperation, the company pays attention to "discover talents, training talents, respect talents, relying on talents", through continuous optimization of talent echelon, technological progress and technological innovation constantly, so as to promote the company development cooperation relations, has carried out many technical test and promotion work, has obtained the good effect of the market.